6 Expert Tips For Parents Whose Kids Start Crawling

Parents must be aware when it comes to their kid’s safety as injuries take place in a fraction of seconds. Accidents are preventable but are unpredictable, importantly for toddler who has just started crawling in their house. It has been reported that more than 100,000 kids reach emergency centre due to severe hazards in home which can add fear. There are some expert tips which one should follow to keep the crawling baby safe and happy.



  1. Look for safety products: the parents must crawl daily upstairs and downstairs to keep the hazards away from his reach. They must keep an eye on items that could cause him any injury, either look under the couch and remove items that he can put in his mouth, chew it or any electrical cords. Items like key fobs, remotes, batteries, thermometers must be kept out of reach that is likely to cause tragedies.


  1. Remove furniture’s that consists of sharp edges: soon, any baby starts crawling, cruises are invited, the furniture’s having sharp corners must be removed immediately as babies with bigger heads usually contact with floors more than limbs. The sharp edges can bring tears and stitches, thus safety products like corner guards, stair fence, bed railing, door locks etc. must be present in every home where the baby has just started crawling. 


  1. The cleaning chemicals and other medications must be locked in a cabinet: The chemicals are severely hazardous for crawlers; they must be kept in a cabinet locket and out of reach from them as it has been noticed over the years. They end up on licking chemical bottles or putting every little thing in the mouth, which can take the crawler straight away to the hospital. 


  1. Don’t use baby walker often: The baby walker for carpet floor should not be used at all at home as they are ridiculously dangerous and can act as an obstacle which can delay a toddler’s walk. In walker, they take 3 feet step in just 1 second, which can make them fall from stairs, flip from the carpets and even they could reach tabletops or hot stoves that are normally away from reach. These hazards can bring emergency to home as a neck or head injury. 


  1. Keep bouncy seats away: The toddlers are no safer in bouncy seats, once he starts sitting on his own, the baby swing will no more be a good option for him, as crawlers get too strong or big for such seats from where he can fall. Make use of a safety strap while making them sit on such high or bouncy chairs.


  1. Use safest toys: the crawlers must be handed the safest toys, which are in good condition, holds no buttons, beads, eyes, ribbons or any other, which they can choke on or pull off. The toys must not be heavy too, should not possess long cords more than 12 inches, which could not hang on the baby’s neck and must be following baby’s psychical skills and age.